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Perrysburg Eye Center now offers a Hearing Services

We are thrilled to now offer comprehensive hearing health services provided by a licensed Audiologist. Our state of the art hearing testing equipment will help identify and diagnose your level of hearing loss and our Audiologist will help you select the best hearing aid to address it.

After careful review of available hearing aid manufacturers we selected Oticon hearing aids as our preferred manufacturer due to their sound quality, reliability and versatility. With an array of hear aid sizes from behind the ear to in the canal, we are able to provide our patients with the options that best suit their needs.


Hear well in a noisy world


Why Treat Hearing Loss?

  • It can lead to social isolation and loneliness
  • It can affect us both mentally and physically
  • You could miss out on activities and interaction with friends and family


Break the Cycle

The ability to hear is imperative to clearly understand what is being discussed. Take control of the situation.  Hearing is a vital link to your  world--a source of pleasure, information, and communication. 

For a fast-paced young professional or people in careers with communication demands, for moderately busy to relaxed lifestyles, hearing loss can negatively impact our lives.


Better hearing can help you:

  • Feel more confident in social situations
  • Participate much more easily in conversations in noisy places
  • Feel less stressed and more relaxed
  • Hear what people are saying in meetings or other gatherings
  • Connect more easily to your friends and loved ones
  • Hear the TV or radio at a normal volume
  • Talk on the telephone more easily
  • Regain energy and maintain important activities
  • Listen to the soft voices of children; enjoy the birds singing


Awareness is the first step.  Do you or someone you love:

  • Have to ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Have difficulty following a conversation?
  • Feel that people mumble?
  • Have difficulty hearing speech clearly in noisy environments?
  • Have difficulty hearing across a room?
  • Turn up the volume of TV and Radio?
  • Feel depressed, tired, or isolated?
  • Have trouble talking on the phone?
  • Feel tired and irritable at the end of the day due to the energy used to listen?


Take control of your hearing

  • Hearing aids are discreet, lightweight, and reliable
  • Hardly anyone will notice you’re wearing them
  • Hearing aids are comfortable and effective
  • State-of-the-art technology and sophisticated electronic design allow hearing aids to work better than ever before and help you do more. 

No more clunky hearing aids that scream.